Budget Accommodation • Wonderful Gardens
The bungalows are situated at a comfortable distance from the restaurant in Mr. Chung's wonderful garden. In addition to the bungalows are 15+ private houses for rent and managed by the resort.
Very Friendly and Helpful Staff • Delicious Thai Cooking
Mr Chung has hand picked the staff. Their friendly attitude and attention to detail will make your stay a pleasure.
The restaurant will delight you with some of the finest Thai cooking in the South. This reputation is bringing first timers and repeats to Siboya Bungalows. Some of our culinary tasteful treats are now being taught in North American cooking schools, and have been featured in "New Thai Cuisine". Western fare typical to the area is also available. Vegetarian? No problem, we can cater to everyone. Why not try some of Siboya's wonderful delicious Thai recipes at home!

Relax at the just opened beautiful new seaside bar, featuring Live accoustic music in the evenings.
Wander on Miles of Uninhabited Beaches
Siboya Bungalows is off the regular tourist trail. We are located on the island of Ko Siboya (see-boy-ya) about 20 kilometers south of Krabi Town in Southern Thailand. The island is very rural and undeveloped. There are 7 small villages through out the island where you will find only a few small shops selling household supplies, snacks and petrol. Ko Siboya is home to about a 1500 residents who work mainly in the rubber plantations or fishing. Dirt roads and foot paths connect these villages on this 3x10 kilometer island. The lack of easy access to the island has limited transportation to either motorcycles or walking. This limitation has helped keep it so undeveloped. A Community Clinic is able to handle minor medical problems. As you might have guessed by now, Siboya Bungalows is a delightfully quiet place to relax. Don't forget... the lost art of goofing off is alive and well here.
But... please do not come to Ko Siboya looking for that postcard perfect Thai beach. Here you can enjoy the solitude of leisurely walks along the uninhabited kilometers of beach, waiting for the tide to come in to go for a swim. You will find an amazing abundance of beach creatures, rocks and mangroves to explore as well as the gathering place for the spectacular sunsets.
Around Siboya Bungalows
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Around Koh Siboya
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