Family Friendly Enviroment • Many Accommodation Choices
The Siboya Bungalows complex extends for a half kilometer along a sunset facing beach that is more than 8km long. A full range of accommodation is available, from comfortable traditional Thai bungalows to classy cabin style houses. More...
Very Helpful and Friendly Staff
The staff at Siboya Bungalows are hand picked and trained by Mr. Chung. Their friendly attitude and attention to detail will make your stay a pleasure. More...
Amazing Thai Cooking and Western Menu
The restaurant will delight you with some of the finest Thai cooking in the South. This reputation is constantly bringing first timers and repeats to Siboya Bungalows. More...
The Island of Koh Siboya
Siboya Bungalows is off the regular tourist trail. We are located on the island of Koh Siboya (see-boy-ya) about 20 kilometers south of Krabi Town in Southern Thailand. More...

Koh Siboya is a gathering place for the never ending spectacular sunsets.
Around The Resort
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Around Koh Siboya
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